2019 Programme 

Tuesday, September 3rd

04.00 pm/06.00 pm - SITE VISIT

Tivoli GreenCity, the most sustainable neigbourhood in Brussels
Tour by Roan Van Boeckel - Project Manager, BAM Contractors 
Followed by an After at the brewery En Stoemelings​
Reserved for holders of a congress pass.

Wednesday, September 4th

09.00 am - DOOR OPENING

09.30 am/10.00 am - OPENING

  • Emmanuel François - President, SBA

  • Jean-Christophe Vanderhaegen - General Director, Confédération Construction Bruxelles

  • Opening speech by Alain Maron - Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, in charge of Climate Transition, Environment, Energy and Participatory Democracy

10.00 am/11.00 am - OPENING PLENARY

Urban Remix: the Vision

What are the driving trends in the urban transformation process and what can be expected for buildings and cities of tomorrow?
  • Prof. Greg Clark CBE FAcSS - Senior Advisor Future Cities & New Industries, HSBC Bank

  • Cécile Maisonneuve - President, La Fabrique de la Cité

  • Sébastien Matty - President, GA Smart Building

  • Thomas Osdoba - Senior City Advisor, Climate KIC

  • Akim Oural - Mayor's Deputy and Digital Economy, Lille and in charge of a mission to promote the French Smart City internationally, Quai d'Orsay

  • Mohamed Ridouani - Mayor, Louvain

  • Limor Schafman - Senior Director Smart Buildings Program, Telecommunications Industry Association USA (TIA)

11.30 am/01.00 pm - WORKSHOPS (20 minutes/workshop)

01.00 pm/02.30 pm - NETWORKING LUNCH

02.30 pm/03.30 pm - PITCHS MARATHON (2 minutes/pitch)

03.30 pm /05.00 pm - WORKSHOPS (20 minutes/workshop)

06.00 pm/07.30 pm - PLENARY

KEYNOTE: Marc Daumas - Smart City Vice-President, SBA
KEYNOTE: Serge Le Men - Smart Building Vice-President, SBA
KEYNOTE: François-Xavier Jeuland - President, Fédération Française de Domotique
Urban Remix: Disruptions & Opportunities
What are the major disruptions & opportunities facing urban developers, industry players, service providers, citizens to adapt to the societal & environmental (r)evolutions at stake, and who will be the front runners?
  • Emilie Alberola - Research and Innovation Director, EcoAct

  • Emmanuel Gravier, President, The French Electrical Contractors Association (FFIE)

  • Servan Lacire - Innovation & Technologies Director, Bouygues Energies & Services

  • Carolina Meza - Cities partnerships Manager, ChangeNow

  • Emmanuel Olivier - President, Ubiant

  • Olivier Sala - Managing Director, Engie Digital

  • Stephan Salberter - Managing Director, 19 Coding Platform

  • Kjtetil Tonning - President, European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC)

  • Marija Zima-Bockarjova - Smart Cities and Solutions R&D and Marketing Manager, ABB​​​

07.30 pm/10.00 pm - NETWORKING COCKTAIL

Thursday, September 5th

08.30 am - DOOR OPENING

09.00 am/11.00 am - PLENARY 

KEYNOTE : Emmanuel François - President, SBA
KEYNOTE : Pierre Nougué - CEO, Ecosys & Cofounder, Cleantech Open France
KEYNOTE: Jean-Louis Etienne - Explorer, Oceanpolaire - Polar Pod expedition
KEYNOTE: Jan Komarek - Programme Officer Internet of things, European Commission
It is time for action!

Presentation of European developments and projects which best showcase these transitions, feedback and sharing of best practices and exemplary projects.
Smart Building

  • ColivMe

       Example of multi-purpose plural building: coworking, coliving and shared spaces.

       Kevin Cardona - Innovation Director, BNP Parisbas 

  • COVIVIO Toulouse

       Ready2Services: feedback on the first building labeled R2S by Certivéa

       Jean-Eric Fournier - Directeur du développement durable COVIVIO

       Patrick Nossent, Président Certivéa & Cerway

  • EM Lyon

       Campus of 30.000 m2 open on the city, adapted to the needs of the learners and connected to the         whole world.

       Teddy Breyton - Project Director, Early Makers Hub 

       Introduction par Alain Kergoat - Co-founder, Urban Practices

  • Microsoft HQ Amsterdam

       One of the buildings recognized as being among the Smartest in Europe.

       Ana Cunha - International Real Estate Director, Deerns

  • Wizom

       The first global digital offer on the residential market and is based on the latest technologies in IoT         (connected objects) and predictive device management

       Maud Collignon - Directrice de la Construction IDF, I3F

       Patrice Rismondo - Managing Director Wizom, Bouygues Construction

Smart City

  • Sharjah EAU 

      The city of the future is today: intelligent management of the energy network, renewable energies,          autonomous mobility, drone deliveries...

      Jean-Pierre Corniou - Deputy Ceo, SIA Partners 

  • Euréka Lyon Confluence

       First Smart neighborhood in Europe operated by a single service operator.

       Eric L'Helguen - Ceo, Embix

       Olivier Ortega - Lawyer, LexCity

       Maxime Valentin - Innovation and Development Manager, Euréka Lyon Confluence

  • Euréka et Cambacérès Montpellier

       From the building to the city, including the connected district, the "smart" at the heart of the

       urban development strategy of the Société d'Equipement de la Région de Montpellier.

       Laurent Combes - Operational Director Metropole & Development Service, SERM


11.30 am/01.00 pm - WORKSHOPS (20 minutes/workshop)

01.00 pm/02.30 pm - NETWORKING LUNCH

02.30 pm/03.30 pm - PITCHS MARATHON (2 minutes/pitch)

03.30 pm/04.30 pm - WORKSHOPS (20 minutes/workshop)


05.30 pm - CLOSING DRINK


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